June 4, 2013

WHO: Alex, Travis + Elise
WHAT: Hiking to the top of the mountain/hill next to our campground. Mind you there was no designated trail.
WHERE: Rock Creek, CA (about 30 miles N of Mammoth)
WHEN: June, 2012
WHY: The day before, all 4 boys (including the two pictured), decided they wanted to conquer the mountain. That was until they heard "grunting" sounds; like a bear was somewhere near. Now this could have been possible, or it could've been their imaginations and tired feet making things up so they could stop and go back. And that's exactly what they did-come back down. So the next day, the three of us decided we wanted to conquer it-and well, we did.

Once we made it to the "top," we were treated to some breathtaking views. The mountain plateaued and then kept going up, but we called it quits at this part. It took us a good hour and a half, climbing up a very steep, unstable hill side to make it to this point. Making our way back down was no small feat either. Once we wrestled our way through brush, dirt and branches to get back down to camp, we emptied our shoes out of all the dirt and rocks we brought down with us and soaked our feet in the nearby creek. 

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