Caroline's Seaside Cafe

August 14, 2013

 Going to school down in San Diego, I don't think I really took advantage of all the great restaurants in the area until around my junior year.  Anytime Trav would come down to visit me we would use it as an excuse to venture out and try new places to eat. I love that he loves trying new places to eat with me-he even gets adventurous with his food choices! This is a big deal seeing as how the first couple years we were together I don't think he ate anything but cheeseburgers when we would go out!
Caroline's Seaside Cafe is a modern cafe tucked away within the campus of UCSD and sits on La Jolla beach. I won't go into detail about how we got lost trying to find the dang place but it was SO worth it once we did. The few times we ate at Caroline's we were there for brunch, but they also serve lunch foods as well. I can't think of a better place for brunch-amazing views, great weather and delicious food.

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