DIY: Card Keepsakes

March 25, 2014

Since my birthday just passed, I thought I would share with you how like to organize cards I receive from family and friends. This is a quick way for me to use up some of my never ending supply of scrapbooking supplies, and release some of my pent up crafting energy in between the craziness of grad school life. I have this creative side that seems to get pushed aside by the mounds of assignments and papers that need to be attended to during the school year. This project can take about 30 minutes to an hour and is a great way to keep cards you are gifted from love ones, year after year.
I start by cutting a piece of card stock as big, or a little bit bigger than the biggest card I have and then go to town embellishing the front of it. You could always add a piece of cardstock at the end of all your cards as a backing. Take your smallest card and hole punch two holes on the left side of your card. Use that card as your template as you punch through the rest of your cards and your cover. Add two book-rings and your done!

Sometimes I am gifted gift cards, or pictures of the presents my grandma or mom bought me but just didn't order in time for it to arrive in time for my birthday. I tuck these things into the envelopes that accompany the card and include these envelopes as well, after I use the giftcards of course.
This would be fun to way to keep all the Christmas or Holiday cards you get year after year, and display as a coffee table book around the Holidays. Also, this would be good as a keepsake for cards from children's birthdays, weddings, graduations, and wedding or baby showers. Or, you can start a collection and add anniversary cards each year!  

This is a fun project that could get those creative juices flowing, or even if you aren't into scrapbooking and crafting, this is a really simple DIY project that takes no time at all and is a great way to keep your cards organized from whatever occasion!

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