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March 29, 2014

I have found that one of the hardest parts of trying to make healthier choices, when it comes to what you eat, is the in between meals stage: snacks. To make it easier for you, each week I will bring you a new healthy option for snacking.
Smoothie bowls are an alternative to sipping a smoothie. Make your favorite smoothie recipe, pour your smoothie mix into a bowl, and top with granola and fresh fruit. There are many different variations for smoothie bowls; the combinations are endless. Pour more of your smoothie into the bowl and call it lunch. For a snack portion, pour out 1 cup of your smoothie before adding toppings. 
For this smoothie bowl, I used my Little Green Smoothie Recipe, since I had leftovers. The recipe calls for two servings, I halved one of the servings for this bowl, added a scoop of granola, half a banana, and a few strawberries. 

Serving Size 1 • 237 Calories • 3g of fat • 0g saturated fat • 1g cholesterol • 33mg sodium • 896mg potassium • 61g carbs • 9g fiber • 35g sugar • 6g protein •
Smoothie Bowl 
1/2 serving of The little Green Smoothie
1/2 banana
2 strawberries
1 tablespoon of granola

A smoothie bowl may be better for someone who eats 5-6 small meals a day versus someone who eats 3 meals a day plus a few snacks lower in calories. Although, when portioned out right, this smoothie bowl will only set you back 237 calories.


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