Celebrating 40 years on Catalina: Video

May 9, 2014

To cap off "Catalina week" on my blog, I'm sharing the video I put together of the special weekend.  The song, you are my sunshine, is my grandpa's ring tone for when my grandma calls him. Not this exact version, but you get the point. Now that I look back, I should've saved this video to give to my grandma on mother's day because she teared up the first time she watched it. I was just too excited to show her and my grandpa once I finished it.

 I am so very thankful to have these two to look up to, as an inspiration of true love. They mean everything to me, and it is so adorable to see them still so in love after 40 years together. I love you Nanny + Pops.

Song: You are my sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell

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