When in Rome

July 25, 2013

The later half of our Europe adventures was spent in Rome, Italy. In Rome we hit up the colosseum, ate our weight in gelato (seriously-we had two helpings within 20 minutes of each other), were in awe of the Vatican and all it encompassed (St. Peter's Basilica, the museums + the Sistine Chapel), ate pizza, saw the Spanish steps, relaxed by the amazing hotel pool, ate our fair share of pasta, went out to Tivoli to see the 500+ fountains run off of natural water pressure, ate cannoli's, drank water out of the natural wells, threw coins in the Trevi fountain and ate paninis. I think we would've explored more if our hotel was within walking distance to the heart of the city. Any time we wanted to go into the city we had to take a shuttle from our hotel, which dropped us off outside the Vatican. Unlike Paris, the subway system in Rome consisted of two lines. On the outer edge of town. Not so useful; thankfully everything was within walking distance. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to experience such rich history, but next time we will be exploring different parts of Italy.

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