January 14, 2014

I don't do well with new years resolutions. I do much better with goals. Specifically measurable goals. On our first hike of 2014, we challenged ourselves to log 100 miles in 2014. We are a pretty active couple and know that this goal will probably be accomplished before the year is over, but we wanted it to be attainable, as every goal should be! But also, we aren't always together and we both have a pretty busy year ahead of us. If we are to hit 100 miles before the year is out-great, we will keep going to see how far we can get. If for some reason we don't quite make it, we will evaluate and adjust our goal for next year.
I posted the above picture on instagram with our new bold intentions (what better way to keep a goal than a public social media declaration!) and instantly got friends and family on board with their own goals. Biking, hiking, running, swimming or walking-the challenge is for you to adjust it to your own physical abilities and hobbies. If you instagram, follow along and join us in using the hash tag #milechallenge2014. In addition, I will be posting monthly updates here on our progress! I can't wait to see where this challenge takes us!

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