T + E decorate a Christmas tree

December 25, 2013

We have been together for almost five years now and every Christmas we have spent together we have decorated a tree together either at my grandparents house, or Trav's parents house. This is one of the Christmas traditions I absolutely love. Susan, Travis' mom, has four or five huge bins full of boxed ornaments. Each year, since they were born, Trav's parents gave him + his two brothers ornaments. I love that tradition and looking at all of the ornaments they were gifted. They all have their own "themes," and Travs happened to be hot wheels for awhile there. I find it very ironic that since our first Christmas together I have made Travis an ornament and gifted it to him when we were decorating the tree at his parents house (this was before I was aware of his parents tradition of gifting them ornaments each year!).

We had so much fun decorating our first tree. The ornaments on our tree are a mixture of Trav's ornaments from his mom, some of the ornaments out of his moms amazing collection, the ornaments I have gifted to Travis and then some of the ornaments from my mom's stash. I love that our tree is a mixture of ornaments from both of our families and each of them brings back memories from past years.

Here is a video of us decorating our tree. It's filmed with a GoPro Hero 3 and we obviously need some more lessons in videography! Nonetheless I love that we have a wonderful keepsake to remember this wonderful tradition by.

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