Scripted Art

February 19, 2014

 Completely 100% inspired by this amazing lady. The black and white hooked me and the script writing pushed me over. This was a fun project that I was able to complete in an afternoon-drying time and all. The hardest part was deciding which lyrics I wanted to display.

 I ended up choosing the chorus to Fun.'s "carry on." JT's Mirrors was a close second. Travis introduced me to Fun. before they became wildly popular. Their first CD is still my favorite but Carry on has to be my all time favorite Fun. song. I really like the lyrics of the song "if you're lost and alone, or you're sinking like a stone carry on." As a busy grad student, it's this line that reminds me to keep going. It's nice to have a visual reminder to "carry on" no matter how busy or crazy life may get.
First, I used white acrylic paint cover the entire canvas as a base coat. Once that dried I went to town on the script not worrying about completely filling in the letters with paint. I went back over the letters a second time, not being extremely careful about getting inside the lines.

As an added flair, I decided to paint the edges of the canvas with my favorite gold acrylic paint. Although you can't see it looking straight on, I think it gives it a little something extra. Once the paint dried, I placed it on top of my bookshelf anxious to see how it would fit in, with ambitions to hang it up, but I kinda like it leaning against the wall.
Definitely an easier project that makes a huge impact on an otherwise blank wall!

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