second a day: January

February 1, 2014

Another "challenge" of ours for 2014 is to capture one second a day on video for the entire year. Our close friends did a photo a day for 2013 and wanted to do something different. They found the 1SE app on their phones and decided to go for recording their daily memories through video instead of still pictures for 2014. We decided we wanted in on the challenge as well.

We are using the app on my phone and switching off days to record the videos since we aren't always together. Trav sends me his clips through text message and I can add them to our timeline of videos. Since Travis is fairly new to the whole smartphone family and I am a scrapbooker who documents life in still pictures, this project is getting us used to the idea of taking videos instead of still pictures.

Without further ado, here is our first mash up of January's adventures:

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