Hiking Adventures: Griffith Park

March 20, 2014

WHO: Travis + Elise
WHAT: Griffith Observatory West Trail Loop
WHERE: Los Angeles, California
WHEN: March, 2014
WHY: It was Sunday and we wanted to go on a hike but try a different route from our usuals. We were in Pasadena, so we decided to check out the Griffith Park trails that lead up to the Griffith Observatory since neither of us have been to the Observatory. Also, we were able to knock out 3.5 miles of our mile challenge.

This hike was wonderful, and probably one of the more crowded hikes we have been on, but it was nice seeing so many people of all ages and sizes getting some exercise. We parked down the hill, off of Los Feliz Avenue and started our hike from there. It's a pretty steady incline all the way up, which means it can get steep coming down. Also, there are a couple different paths you can choose to take a long the way. Before heading up to the observatory, we veered left down a path. Off of this path we were able to see the Hollywood sign and other parts of LA. This was the first time either of us had seen the Hollywood sign in real life, and we both have lived in Southern California our whole lives. If it wasn't for the absolutely horrible LA traffic I'm sure we would venture into LA more.
Once we made it up to the observatory, we spent an hour or so wondering around inside. Admission is free and there are cool interactive displays. Trav's favorite were the scales that showed you how much you would weigh on the moon, and different planets! Mine was the interactive lifesize periodic table. The weather was perfect and the views were amazing. I know it looks like there is smog in the pictures but it's just the filters I used. It was actually a pretty clear day for southern California. 

Overall, we hiked/walked a total of 3.5 miles, but we took different routes and spent time walking around inside the observatory. The total hike would probably be around 2 miles round trip.

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