DIY: Gallery Wall

April 22, 2014

Gallery walls seem to be a thing right now, and that is perfectly okay with me. I had a small scale one in my last apartment, but was super excited when I saw this big open wall in my new apartment. I knew instantly what was going to go up. A gallery wall is a fun way to make a big impact and totally customize it. Every time a new person comes over, they go straight to this wall and look at all the different things I have hanging up. I love that my gallery wall reflects me. I especially love that I was able to incorporate some special pieces from our trip to Europe. We acquired two small hand painted paintings from local artists in Rome, and two prints of paintings from Paris. Other things incorporated into my gallery wall are a few of my favorite art prints, photographs and a few quick DIY projects thrown in.  
There are a lot of tips and tricks floating around the inter-webs for hanging up multiple frames in the form of a gallery wall. I just usually measure out the width, or height, of my wall space (which every I am more constrained by) and then leave the tape measure locked at that measurement on the floor. I just start arranging and rearranging my frames until I find a combination that works for me. From there I have my handy man hang everything up. He does a good job and does the job in about half the time it would take me.

  1. Shopping Bag, from Laduree
  2. This is your life Canvas print, by Louise Carey
  3. Silhouette wall hanging DIY
  4. Buildings of Paris print, by City Fabric
  5. Be You Print, by Sugar Paper
  6. DIY Paper mache letter with turquoise paint
     * Personal pictures I had printed.
     ! Paintings and prints we picked up from our travels to Europe.
As far as frames, I have accumulated many of them over time. Some from IKEA and Target and others from places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  I love that there is a mix of frames too. I know my mom and grandma would have a fit that the frames don't all match, but I think that's what I like most about my gallery wall.

Here are some of my favorite frames: Target 1 / Target 2 / IKEA 1 / IKEA 2 / IKEA 3 / IKEA 4 / IKEA 5
I think my love of Paris is pretty evident from my gallery wall alone; my biggest art print is of Paris, I have 2 pictures of the Eiffel tower, 1 art print of the Champs-Élysées, and the most adorable shopping bag we got with our macaroons from Laduree.  One day we will make it back. In the mean time, I'll enjoy looking at the momentos in my gallery wall.

PS: Coffee table DIY post will be up next week!

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