Hiking Adventures: Bluff trail

April 3, 2014

WHO: Travis + Elise
WHAT: Montana de Oro Bluff Trail
WHERE: Los Osos, California
WHEN: March, 2014
WHY: We were on vacation in San Luis Obispo, and wanted to check out a local hike

Hands down the most gorgeous hike we have been on. Pictures definitely don't do this place justice. We drove about 20 minutes West of San Luis Obispo to Montana de Oro state park for this hike. It's not to far South of Morro bay. We could actually see Morro Bay rock from where we were. Everything about this place was picturesque.
I did see a snake on our trail and surprisingly, acted relatively calm about the whole ordeal. At the end of our hike we saw a guy corralling a rattlesnake and told us about how he is doing his Master's thesis on rattlesnakes, and how drought affects their reproductive cycle, and was out there "catching" the snakes to chip them and release them. So I guess it is a pretty popular place for snakes and hikers alike. 
It was a pretty leisurely hike, with a very clear designated trail. There were times when we would take the dirt paths leading out on the various bluffs. Also, at one end of the trail, if you walk down some stairs, there were tide pools. Nothing like the ones we saw up North when we went camping last summer, but they are always neat to experience. We ended up hiking a total of 4.3 miles and adding it to our running #milechallenge2014 total. 

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