second a day: May

June 6, 2014

And we are already 6 days into June. What? Where is the year going? This month's second a day mash up is a couple days late because I've been busy working on something exciting (and wrapping up school work for the quarter). Actually we have a couple things coming up in the next couple months that I can hardly wait to debut. For now, I'll leave you with this hint

During May, Travis decided he wanted to go out and destroy his phone in every way imaginable. I hope you sense sarcasm in that last sentence because he is one to take really good care of his stuff. Within a week's time he managed to spill a glade scented plug in on it, destroy the battery so it only worked when plugged into a power source, and shatter the screen. We went a couple of days texting through imessage (him on the ipad), and then he finally found a loaner phone. So until he is eligable for an upgrade, a majority of the videos for the rest of the year will be from my phone.

We thought it was funny that about half of our videos include food. But hey, we love food. And seeing as how every month's mash up has included at least one second of coldstone footage, I'm taking that as a challenge to include a clip every month. Hey, moderation is key.

Enjoy out mash up of May:

Song: James Blunt Bonfire heart

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