January 28, 2014

WHO: Travis + Elise
WHAT: Castle Rock Trail
WHERE: Big Bear, California
WHEN: January, 2014
WHY: Travis + I celebrated 5 years of being together and we decided we wanted to go on a hike. Along with our mile challenge, we decided we wanted to get out more and explore this year. Big Bear is only about 30 minutes away and is full of great trails that we have yet to hike! We chose this one to be our first.

We ended up logging 3 miles round trip. The trail starts out as a pretty steep incline, but gets better as the trail progresses. It is all worth it when you get to the top and you have beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding forest. There was still some snow on the ground but the weather was absolutely perfect. While the rest of the country was have snow days from school and work, we were playing in what little snow Southern California got all winter. Hey, I'm not complaining-we got to go hiking in the mountains in the middle of "winter."

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