Hiking Adventures: Pine Knot

February 24, 2014

WHO: Travis + Elise

WHAT: Pine Knot Trail

WHERE: Big Bear, California

WHEN: Feburary, 2014

WHY: It was Valentine's day and we wanted to take advantage of the perfect weather outside. We also wanted to knock out some miles for our  mile challenge.

This is one of the longer hikes we have done together. The reviews said it was about a 6 mile hike round trip and at the top is supposed to be grand views of Big Bear lake. A little over 2 miles in we saw the wonderful views of the lake, but per the reviews we kept walking until we hit the 3 mile mark. At 3 miles it was forest. We kept going for about a quarter of a mile but decided to turn back because we didn't want it getting dark on us. Round trip, we hiked 6.3 miles. I would normally say we hiked 6 miles, but because Trav's racing number is 63-I felt it was appropriate.
We really enjoyed this hike. There were minimal people on the trail, so it was nice and quiet. It could also be due to the fact it was a Friday versus a weekend day. There was still some snow on the ground that we stopped to play in every so often. It was a perfect way to spend Valentines day.

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